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Service quality

Identify and solve our clients needs with loyalty and be truth worthy.


Always be respectful toward our clients, partners and collaborators.


Independant regarding providers, we promote open source solution


Ensure to our clients an availability and reactivity.

At forefront

Always looking for the best ratio quality/price/prestation to benefit our clients.


Total transparency with our clients, scrupulously respecting our duties of diligence and information.


Offer a single interlocutor who knows the history of the installation and offers a personalised service adapted to the client’s internal structure and processes.


Ensure to our clients security and discretion.


Our objectives have been met thanks to a relevant analysis of our IT setup assets and handicaps.

We now have the user-friendly and modular tool our IT staff needed.

We benefit of a better security and ease of use on the website, to our members benefits; this mutation took place smoothly and the website design, which our members liked, did not change.

GINA became a envied reference, even at our main competitors, who did not possess – despite investments ten to twenty times larger – this system functionnalities

SZ Informatique intervention allowed us to optimize our infrastructure performance, dedicated to the Swiss employment service.

Our new system allows us to optimise the classroom booking and improve the communication with our teachers thanks to the integrated website

Dispo-Bus grants us the possibility to manage our entire fleet of passengers transportation from a single workplace.

External advice and expertise provided by SZ Informatique all along the project allowed us a substantial gain at all levels: time, costs, quality of the solution

The analytical work carried out jointly under the direction of SZ Informatique SA was excellent. The result entirely meets our needs

Thanks to this tool, we were able to double our activity while maintaining our administrative staff unchanged

It is not easy to manage 23’000 contacts, particularly if the mailings need to be filtered according to various criteria. The solution became our in-house central data file

SZ Informatique created a concept which is an excellent example of precise, swift and efficient information management

The great listening skills of SZ Informatique SA’s team enabled the implementation of a tool which exactly corresponds to the wishes of our in-house specialist in business continuity management

This study promoted within the company the awareness of the need to implement the proposed architecture and to reorganise the work processes. Thus, we were able to significantly reduce our administrative costs

The technical expertise of SZ Informatique’ team allowed us to cater for all our functional and ergonomic requirements

<span style=”color: #ff0000;”>S</span><span style=”color: #000099;”>Z</span>&nbsp;<span style=”color: #333;”>Informatique SA</span> was able to master the complexity of the various interfaces of tens of real estate agencies. Furthermore, the invoicing takes much less time than before, which produces substantial savings

To be in AppleStore increased our visibility and contributed to fill the theatre at all performances

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