Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Does my IT system meet all my requirements?
  • Do I pay for functionalities which are useless for me?

The standard out-of-the-box products on the IT market are designed for general use at a relatively cheap price. A customized solution, however, will meet your specific requirements and, yet, not always at a higher cost.

Remain competitive and differentiate yourself from your competitors just by improving your working procedures. Your IT tool is a key element of this process.

We believe that providing customized solutions requires specific skills:

  • to be particulary attentive to you and your staff, in order to understand the specificities of your job;
  • to be creative, ingenious, methodical;
  • to be rigorous in programming, in view of providing you with your ideal working tool.

This is our field of expertise and this is why our clients have chosen us and carry on entrusting us with their important projects.

SZ Informatique c’est:

  • Une structure à taille humaine et un service de qualité.
  • Des collaborateurs fidèles, motivés et disponibles, dotés, au-delà de leur excellence technique, de vraies aptitudes de communication et de larges connaissances des métiers. Ils sont les vrais garants du succès de votre projet.

Professionnalisme, engagement et rigueur font notre force, que nous mettons au service de toutes les entreprises qui nous font confiance. C’est sans doute pour cela qu’elles nous considèrent aujourd’hui non pas comme un fournisseur, mais comme un partenaire.

By entrusting SZ Informatique with your future IT tool, you benefit from:

  • a wide experience;
  • a structure on a human scale and a service of quality;
  • loyal, motivated and available staff with communication skills and a vast professional knowledge, which are the guarantee of the success of your project;
  • professional, committed and rigorous approach.

This is why our clients consider us today as a real partner, not as a mere supplier.

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