Enterprise mobility is, in a word, dynamic. How will you manage heterogeneous mobile platforms, and the proliferation of employee-liable devices in the workplace? Can you safeguard corporate assets when more employees are connecting their personal devices to the network for email, calendars, contacts and access to other enterprise applications and data? How do you actually monitor the end-to-end availability and performance of the mobile service from data center and carrier network to mobile devices and their applications?

The ability for employees to use personal devices at work presents new management, security and compliance concerns for IT administrators. The key is to balance employee choice and company policy when incorporating employee-liable devices into the organization, and CITRIX XenMobile can help.

CITRIX XenMobile provides a single solution, giving visibility into all smartphone devices that connect to your corporate messaging infrastructure. Regardless of whether your employees use BlackBerry, iOS, Androids, Windows Mobile, etc, and no matter if the devices are personal or company owned, only CITRIX XenMobile provides extensive management capabilities that include: provisioning, security, white list / black list applications, proactive monitoring of end-to-end availability and performance, enterprise App Store, secure tunneling into enterprise aplications, secure container, remote & selective wipe and so much more for all mobile devices.

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